B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer (Full Review)

b-hyve smart hose faucet timer

This b-hyve smart hose faucet timer is really amazing. You are able to use this easily and smartly with android, iOS, or web devices and you can control it from any place in the world. If you use this smart device you can save more money also the color is Gray. And The brand name is the orbit, The Orbit brand was originally released in 1899. Also, this brand is really quality full. So we wrote here all information about this product after reading this page you will get knowledge about this product. And you will be able to know you should buy it or you should not buy it.

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  • Details Of This b-hyve smart hose faucet timer
  • Pairing The B-hyve WiFi Hub and Hose Faucet Timer
  • FAQ About this product
  • Some Customer Review Of This product

Details Of This b-hyve smart hose faucet timer

B-hyve smart hose faucet timer customer rating is 4.3 out of 5 stars from 4,793 global ratings on Amazon. You are able to give water automatically by adjusting the weather with this product that’s really cool. Also, you can save a lot of water with this device and the flow meter allows you to track water usage. You will get all kinds of applications, including watering plants, washing your car, filling your pool, gardening, and etc.

Product NameBHyve SmartSprink Timer
Model number21004
Product Size2.9 x 6.44 x 8.7 inches
Warranty Description2 years.
Product Weight1.03 Weights

Pairing The B-hyve WiFi Hub and Hose Faucet Timer

pairing the orbit beehive hose faucet timer and Wi-Fi hub to your Wi-Fi can be accomplished in a few easy steps. Your beehive Wi-Fi hub is designed to use a 2.4 gigahertz Wi-Fi network. Before you begin the pairing process make sure that your Wi-Fi is set up with a 2.4 gigahertz. Frequency available to begin pairing your Wi-Fi hub. first, take note of the last few digits in the MAC address on the back of the Wi-Fi hub.

Stape 1

Pairing The B-hyve WiFi Hub b-hyve smart hose faucet timer 2

Next plug-in your Wi-Fi hub it will automatically go into pairing mode as indicated by a flashing blue light on the front of the device.

Stape 2

b-hyve smart hose faucet timer Buttry option

Then put two double-a batteries in the battery compartment of the hose faucet timer. It will also automatically go into pairing mode as indicated by a flashing blue light. Both devices will stay in pairing mode for one hour if you haven’t paired your devices to Wi-Fi within one hour. They will go out of pairing mode to get either device back in pairing mode.

Stape 3

b-hyve smart hose faucet timer connect wifi pic

Press the button on the front of the device five times the light will flash red and then blue. This indicates that the device has reset and is ready for pairing to continue.

Stape 4

b-hyve smart hose faucet timer app conetion

Next you will need to set up an account if you haven’t already downloaded the app it can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. Once the app is installed on your smart device you will need to create an account. After you have created an account the app will automatically begin the new device pairing process if you already have an account first log into the beehive app. Then tap Settings then devices and then add a new device to begin the pairing process. Tap this is a new device then tap pose Fossett timer and hub to begin you will come to a screen asking you to verify the MAC ID.

For your Wi-Fi hub verify the MAC ID that you noted earlier from the back of your Wi-Fi hub if the MAC ID does not match tap this is not my device. To pick from a list of all Mac IDs currently available now though the connection is established you will need to connect to your home network.

Step 5

Find the name of your wireless network in the list and select it then put in your Wi-Fi password tap Done. And it should pair your Wi-Fi hub to your wireless network a green light will illuminate on the front of the hub. Letting you know that the Wi-Fi connection is established follow the screens to complete setup information for the Wi-Fi hub. Next you will come to a screen asking you to verify the MAC ID for your hose faucet timer check the MAC ID on the bottom of the hose faucet timer to verify.

If the MAC ID does not match tap this is not my device to pick from a list of all Mac IDs currently available. Now that a connection is established you will need to connect to your Wi-Fi hub find the name of your Wi-Fi hub in the list. And select it tap the green check and it should pair your hose tap timer with your Wi-Fi hub. That’s it follow the screens on the app to get your zone set up and begin watering your lawn with the convenience of Wi-Fi and the intelligence of smart watering.

FAQ About this product

Is this the one that supports Apple HomeKit?

HomeKit compatibility promised at release at beginning of year (2018). As of June 1, 2018, still no HomeKit compatibility. Orbit needs to stop promoting the product based on HomeKit compatiblity until it actual works—and retract all those (fraudulent?) press releases online and wherever else promising HomeKit compatibility.

By Amazon Customer on June 2, 2018.

Need timer with start, stop, frequency and duration. Reason is i want it to run only from 6am to 6pm every hour for 10 min. Does this do that?

You can add 3 program slots, each seems to allow 4 start times. That will cover the 12 hour window you have. However there is no more room for expansion from what I see.

By Edgar on April 14, 2021.

How does the WiFi hub connects to the timer? Is there a distance limit between them?

The timer itself has only bluetooth. The hub bridges the timer with your wifi connection. Distance should be within 50 feet if possible.

By Orbit Customer Service on April 5, 2018.

Can you use one wifi hub for multiple Smart Hose Faucet timers?

Yes but that is not 2 zones. Software not easy to navigate between different timers . Promised to make zones still waiting.

By CEJ on July 7, 2020.

Some Customer Review Of This product

Review By: Eugen. C.

This product is one of the best I ever had. The app works perfectly. Don’t believe some bad reviewers in which they don’t have enough patience to read the instructions. Both, the hub and the faucet timer have a push button. You will have to peer them before trying anything else. Follow the instructions. The app is absolutely flawless. It is working on both, the Ipad and the Samsung Note 5 I have. No issues. Very customizable. It is showing even how much water it consumes, it is also connected to a weather station, so will not run if is a rainy day, reduce or delay the watering if is cloudy, windy, etc. I was camping for a few days and I could see remotely what my watering does. 5 stars right here.

Review By: DXN

Works really well. I am able to automate my lawn watering and remotely turn on and off my sprinklers. Delivery was fast and the product looks to be well built. My only confusion was the installation process. It says to set up wifi hub and that was fine but then it got lost during the setting up of the timer. What worked was actually set up the timer first as it needs a firmware update then link it to the wifi hub. That and the app could be a bit more user friendly… but it’s quite functional. All in all this device allows you to connect any water hose into an automated irrigation system. It also works with Google Home and Alexa.

Review By: J. bentz

O my god the software side of this is abysmal. Pairing is a nightmare (or atleast was for me). I finally got it to work, by trying it from a third android device. Not sure why the first 2 didn’t work. Once paired, you then have to navigate the app. Good luck with that. I have two timers attached to one hub. The app has the concept of zones and groups. But as far as I can tell, they don’t actually accomplish anything. each of my timers are their own group and zone. The smart watering feature appears to work well, but I really had to dial back the amount of watering it was planning on doing. I’m pretty sure if I let it go with it’s standard plan, my grass would have died from over-watering.

Tip to customers – Take the time to dig into all of the screens of the app. You can get it to do whatever you want…but it ain’t easy
Tip to Orbit – Hire some UX people and revamp the entire app experience. It is seriously unacceptable as it is. I cannot in good faith recommend this product to anyone who isn’t a software tinkerer.


Overall This is a quality full and helpful product b-hyve smart hose faucet timer also. The customer review is great all customers said this is a good quality product. So if you want to save your money you can buy this product I highly recommend this product. You will control this smart device from any were in the world with smart apps. And you can control this device with Bluetooth.

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