Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors

Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors

If you were new my name is Riyad and as you can tell by the title. Today I’m gonna be reviewing the new Bissell cross wave cordless Max it’s best vacuum and mop combo for laminate floors. I actually own the original Bissell cross wave or I think it’s the original corded one. Also i love it I’ve had it for several years it’s awesome but when they came out with the cordless I really was intrigued. Because I have a ton of hard flooring and laminate floors on the first level of my house so when I have to vacuum and mop. It takes about an hour and it’s honestly equivalent to a cardio workout I’m not even kidding you. So I wanted to try the cordless max just because I felt like that could really save me a lot of time and energy.

I did purchase it with my own money and I am so excited to be sharing with you guys my thoughts and my opinions on it. So just really quickly if you don’t know anything at all about the cross moves they are a vacuum slash mop all in one. They vacuum up small debris as well as scrub the floor they are made for hard flooring although they can be used on like area rugs they claim to be a refresher. It’s definitely not a carpet shampooer and I do use them on my area rugs it basically leaves them very very damp kind of just goes over them sucks up any debris. And just kind of freshens them up but it definitely does not replace a carpet shampooer and it’s definitely more for hard flooring like tile laminate hardwood and that sort of for it.

BISSELL, 2554A CrossWave Cordless Max Vacuum And Mop Combo

Bissell cross wave cordless Max Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors
Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors
Price$369.99 on amazon
SurfaceMulti-surface, Area Rugs, Laminate Floors, Hard Floors
ColorBlack/Pearl White With Electric Blue Accents
Power SourceCordless Rechargeable
item Dimensions10 x 10.25 x 45.5 inches
Product Weight11.5 pounds
Customer Rating4.3 out of 5 stars
Table Of Product

I wanted to start by telling you the price so this retails for $399. But right now Amazon is having a deal where you can get it for $369.99, vacuum and mop combo for laminate floors. I believe when I checked the Bissell website they also have that special going on so definitely shop around but I did purchase mine on Amazon. And I did get it for the 3 69.99 and as of right now when I am doing this voiceover they were still having that deal. So the box is going to come with the cross wave itself it’s going to have 4 different bottles of solution, and then two rulers. So you always have one ready to go if you’re cleaning one or one is drying or something and then it comes with the charging dock.

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Features Of This vacuum:

So the new cordless max cross best vacuum and mop combo for laminate floors wave is Wi-Fi enabled. And I’m going to show that a little bit later on in the video it has an app that you can download. It was super simple for me to go ahead and set that up as of right now I haven’t really noticed that it’s something that’s very useful for me. But it does have some helpful tips in there we’re like troubleshooting and stuff. So it may be something in the future that I’m thankful that it has but as of right now that’s not something that makes or breaks this for me. I don’t really know if I’m gonna need it in the future if that makes sense but it is Wi-Fi enabled it does have like where it tracks how much you’re using it.

And stuff which I’m not really sure how that could be useful to me yet but if I figure something out. Or I have any more thoughts on that in the future I will definitely let you know but I’m just going and showing you this is everything that came in the box. It was really easy to set up all I had to do was snug that handle in and it was good to go. They recommend that you use their multi-surface and hard floor cleaning products in their Crosse waves. Now I have the accorded one and I have used a very small amount of like pine-sol or the like Lysol cleaners like the multi-surface cleaners.

Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors 3
You want to make sure:

that you don’t put a cleaner in there that’s going to foam up because then it’s just not going to clean efficiently. So that’s kind of way the way that their products are made it’s made especially for this it doesn’t foam up or anything it doesn’t leave any streaks. It is a really great cleaner and if you want to definitely ensure the warranty of your product that you purchase which it is expensive. So I do recommend buying their products but if I’m being honest. I do use my own products and different cleaning products in mine but I use a very small amount. And I just want to be careful to not use anything that’s going to foam up.

App settings:

Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors 4

So here I am setting up the app and it was really simple I just signed in with my Facebook account it made it easier. But there’s a little QR scanner code on the back here behind the cleaning tank and you just scan it with the camera on your phone. And it sets everything up I think I had it set up in like two minutes.

Let’s Clean:

Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors 5

So to get started you’re just going to fill up the clean water tank. There are two tanks you’re gonna have a dirty water tank, and a clean water tank. There are lines on there as you can see there’s a small area and a large area I have a very large area. So I went ahead and filled it up to the large area line and then you just add product until it hits the line. That says formula and that’s how you measure how much cleaning product that you’re putting into it each time.

So I’m going to go ahead and give this a shot here but keep in mind I did not have the battery fully charged. It did come with a little bit of a charge but not nearly enough to clean my entire downstairs. So it is not that loud it’s actually a lot quieter than the corded one but it kind of sounds loud in the video footage. But it is not really that loud in real life and I am going to show you once you are done you just put it back on the charging station. And there’s a button you click and it does a clean cycle so it cleans out that brush for you.

Let’s wash the Vacuum And Mop Combo:

Best Vacuum And Mop Combo For Laminate Floors 6

So that is really great I love that feature about this that’s an something that my old one does not have. Here I am showing you the dirty water tank which is obviously very disgusting. But it does get up so much stuff off of your floors another thing that this one has that my other one does not have is this little ketch in there. So I can just pull that out and it catches all of the hair and debris that it might pick up in a question that. I know I’m gonna get is how much can this pick up or how big of debris can this pick up off of the floor. It honestly can pick up fruit loops like my kids spill fruit loops on the floor all the time.

And it will pick them up with no problem at all so it can really pick up a lot of stuff as far as the vacuuming function of it is it’s wonderful. Actually vacuums my area rugs excellent so I there’s no need when I use this to use a vacuum at all. So it definitely cuts down on a lot of time for me because it vacuums and it mops at the same time and both features work really great. There’s not one that’s like better than the other and then I just rinse everything out with hot water once that process is done. But they do recommend that you just wipe clean the charging base and they. Because they don’t want you to get the little charging ports wet because that could damage it.


Overall I’m absolutely in love with this cross wave it helps me so much because I do have so many hard floors in my home. I highly recommend it if it’s something that you can afford or a baby save up for as far as the battery goes on the first day. That I was testing it like I said out of the box it comes on just enough charge to kind of turn it on and see if it works it does take four hours to charge up completely.

But once I charged it up completely I can clean and so far it hasn’t even left it has a battery indicator and has three lines. So far I haven’t even left those three lines it’s not left a full charge so far so good on the battery I’m really impressed and I’m really in love with this product. And so far I really highly recommend it as a best vacuum and mop combo for laminate floors.

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