Ge Profile™ Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker Review

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Today we’re going to be talking about ice no not the perfectly clear ice cubes linked above that i made once before but this time nugget ice from the ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker. So we have our newly purchased ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker.

Ge Profile™ Opal 2.0 Nugget Ice Maker

ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker

I’m not going to bore you with the unboxing suffice it to see i was very impressed with the way that. It came packaged there’s actually quarter inch plywood on the top and the bottom. A lot of foam padding it really came nicely packaged no damage at all it comes with the ice making unit. It self an external reservoir a drip tray an ice scoop user manuals etc pretty easy to set up.

important step

Before you start the process is to clean it using five cups of cold water and a teaspoon of regular household bleach. You run that through a cleaning cycle there’s a button up here it’ll tell you it’s cleaning takes about two or three minutes when it finishes you disconnect. The hoses in the back drain out the water reconnect the hoses then run five cups of clean water through. Using the same process disconnect that drain it out do that two more times and you’re ready to go that’s the setup nice part about this thing. Is it doesn’t connect to an external water line you use the external tank and then this is not a freezer it’s a ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker.

So it will make the ice it’ll eventually melt into a reservoir underneath would then be used again to make more ice. it’s kind of a self-running process it works really well it’ll make about three pounds of ice. That’s what i have in here right now about once you plug it in after you’ve done the cleaning process. And hit start it says it’s making ice it takes about 20 minutes for the first nuggets to appear and a couple hours to totally fill. So i think it’s been great.

how to fill the external tank

how to fill the external tank ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker

So far i’ll talk you how to fill the external tank because it needs it just pops right out of the holder you unscrew the cap add water. You can use regular tap water i have some purified water here so i’ve had this running for well about a week. And have been taking ice out of it right fairly regularly. This is the first time i’ve had to fill the tank so that’s pretty straightforward pops back in there and you’re ready to go. I said this is version ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker machine i have not seen the previous version. I understand that layout was a little bit different the buttons were a little bit different the external tank. I don’t think was part of the first version there’s just an internal tank.

So this seems to be a much better setup you’ll read reviews on this and people talk about the noise. You’re not hearing any noise it’s not doing anything but when it’s making ice it does make some noise. So i think i probably demonstrate that if i grab a glass here open it up the drawer tilts out and holds which apparently. The reason i purchased it now if we close this you’ll probably hear the fan kick on. So there you hear you might be able to hear that the fan kicking on that’s about as loud as it gets. It’s saying making ice right now so i guess if you had that someplace nearby in your kitchen or something you’d hear. But it doesn’t make a whole lot of noise you may not be able to hear it at all i’ve got to hear the bar.


So obviously it’s not distracting any body as soon as it’s done making its ice and running the cycle that fan kicks off. That’s all you have there’s two different lighting settings on there so you can have it where you can see the light. You can dim the light you can turn the light off so that’s it if you’re a fan of this ge profile™ opal 2.0 nugget ice maker. I think you’ll love this machine a bit pricey comes in about $469. Certainly a lot cheaper as a countertop model than under the counter model i look i priced replacing with a different brand this under the ice maker. I have right here and that was about four thousand dollars so this is certainly a better deal. Than that it makes great ice it’s delicious if you like crunching your ice it’s a win. So i hope you’ve enjoyed this article.

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