The Best 4 Libman Long Handle Scrub Brush

Libman Long Handle Scrub Brush

Here is we explained about 4 best Libman Long handle Scrub Brush. You are able to use anywhere all Libman long handle scrub Brushs from this list like any kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or between flooring tile. All products I included from Amazon, especially for USA.

Some information about The Libman Company

The Libman Company has a long history as a family-owned and operated business and is currently managed by the 4th generation of the Libman family. Libman is a strong brand with distribution across the United States, Canada, and many other countries. Libman continues to generate growth in the markets they serve.

Libman has been manufacturing high-quality brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies since 1896. Libman products are manufactured at the company’s 1.4 million square foot plant in Arcola, IL.

List Of Libman Long handle Scrub Brush:

  1. Libman Long Handle Scrub Brush (00010)
  2. Libman Commercial 18 Tile and Grout Brush
  3. Libman Long Handle Tampico Scrub Brush
  4. Libman Commercial 547 Floor Scrub, Long Steel Handle

#1 – Libman Long Handle Scrub Brush (00010)

This is a Firm, flexible bristles Libman Long handle Scrub Brush. It’s easy to use compotreble for anywere and it’s make with Green or white color combineshon. This brush size is 19.75 x 11.9 x 3.75 inches. You are able to use it kitchen to bathroom and etc. The Handle size is 17 inches and Ergonomic handle won’t slip when wet. It’s Firm, flexible bristles for heavy duty cleaning and Built-in scraper edge to remove stuck on messes. Also Dual-molded sanoprene rubber handle grips and heavy duty polypropylene molded plastic parts.

FAQ about this product pepole also ask

Would this brush be suitable for cleaning mud, leaves e.t.c. of gardening boots?

By Ms. Poodie on July 29, 2014

I bought mine just for the tile in the shower and bath tub area. It may work on cleaning mud off of boots also but may not last as long after extended daily use.

will brush scratch my bathtub?

By Death2Barbie on February 9, 2018

That’s why I bought this, for my bathtub. It’s been great so far, and has not scratched the surface of my tub. I would use more of a gel and spray cleaner combo of your choice. But not like a powder because it would be too abrasive. I let that soak for a while in the tub and walls then scrub away.

What is the length of the handle?

By Evie on July 22, 2013

17-17 1/2″ – I might add I looked everywhere for a long handle brush as I’m 5′ and it was hard to reach across the tub when cleaning it. I love this brush and it sure saved my back not having to reach like I did before. I sit on the floor and it reaches across the tub. I hope they don’t discontinue it.

how long is the life of this brush and is it dishwasher safe?

By Larry A. West on October 27, 2017

These are not questions for a customer. It should be directed to the manufacturer. However, the brush is very tough. I’m guessing it will last for years and survive a modest amount of dishwasher cleaning although I recommend against it.

#2 – Libman Commercial 18 Tile and Grout Brush

Libman Commercial 18 Tile and Grout Brush

This brush is really cute it is not a so loge handle brush but it is not a small handle brush actoly this is a meduim size handle scrub brush. Angled head for getting into tight spaces you are able to clean small place with this Libman Long handle Scrub Brush. This Narrow brush design excellent for grout and. The Libman Tile & Grout Brush is uniquely designed to handle tough scrubbing in tight spaces.

With an ergonomic rubbergrip handle and an angled head, the design makes it easier to get tough grime out in any kitchen, bathroom, or between flooring tile. The narrow brush is made of extra durable, recycled PET, staple-set fibers to form an ultra-stiff brushing surface. And the Product Dimensions is‎ 10 x 1 x 3.3 inches – 12.48 Ounces.

Some customer review of this Scrub Brush

Review By Emma M:

This has the cleaning brush bristles curved to the end. This makes it possible to use for other cleaning needs. I use when cleaning windows to get the funky stuff out of the corners. Doing dishes it is good for the nooks and crannies of many snap on lid containers. Pots and pans it works well around where the handle attaches to the pan no grease build up. Cleans athletic shoes or any shoe that may have gotten odd stuff stuck in small spots. Of course grout is cleaned up in corners and edges. I have used this Libman Tile brush style for over 30 years. I always have several marked for their job and a few for backup. Where I live now I could not find. The other styles didn’t fit the need. Finding on Amazon made life much easier.

Review By Shoreline shopper:

I have used these to clean around faucets, bird baths, barbecue controls, etc. Basically anything that requires stiff bristles and small size. Absolutely love them.

Review by LC:

I mainly use these to clean the drains in my kitchen and laundry room sinks. They have a great angle to allow cleaning the drain and the strainer. They have lasted a long time (at least 8 – 12 months), depending on how often you use them.

#3 – Libman Long Handle Tampico Scrub Brush

Libman Long Handle Tampico Scrub Brush

This product rating is 4.8 out of 5 star on amazon, it is really nice Libman Long handle Scrub Brush. You are able to use this easily and this item Dimensions is 4.25 x 20.75 x 13.25 inches. Or avlilable the multifull color of this product. This brush is excellent for delicate messes such as fine dirt. Available grooved polymer handle with hanger hook. The wide scraper is 2.75″ and The scrubbing surface is 5″ x 6″. Libman long handle tampico scrub brush is a versatile brush best suited for moderate to heavy scrubbing. This brush can be used on smooth or semi-smooth surfaces and works in wet or dry conditions.

FAQ About this product:

would these bristles hold up to car wheel cleaning?

By alice fuhrman on October 28, 2018:

yes it would its very corase and works great..

How long is this in total and how big is the brush area?

By Brian J. Lavigne on July 8, 2019:

Length is 20 inches end to end including bristles. The brush area is about 4 inches by 5 inches. Also, the brush is too rough for using on your back, but should be good for scrubbing surfaces like a floor or counter, or other equipment.

#4 – Libman Commercial 547 Floor Scrub, Long Steel Handle

Libman Commercial 547 Floor Scrub, Long Steel Handle

Got the Libman number 547 Libman long handle floor scrub brush. This product can be used on any floor or wall surface whether. Its smooth all th way up to very rough or uneven surfaces. Its great at getting in tow grout lines on tile floors or walls and even wet greasy floors and restaurants and food service. Environments in terms of summer, cool features of this product.

Actually have a nice integrated scraper edge right in the block, right on the front here. For the bristles, use pt recycled water bottles which hold their shape better and last longer than other bristle materials do. And finally, have a reinforced handle, tow block connection point here. The handle is built nice and deep into the block that way,uh avoids any rust corrosion from liquds, getting intuit and also judt makes this connection a lot stronger. So if you want you can choose this Libman Long handle Scrub Brush.

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