Meater Plus Review: Should I Buy? Meater Plus thermometer

Meater Plus Review

What’s going on guys Jax the bearded hiker here today we’re going to be doing Meater Plus review by option labs. We explained here full details of the Meater Plus Thermometer if you read this i’m sure you can get full information of this product. Also, you can know you should buy it or you should not buy it.

what is the meter plus?

Now you might be asking yourself what is the meter plus well the meter plus is a completely wireless meat thermometer. That’s able to use your phone or Bluetooth so you can monitor all your cooks on. So i want to throw this out there works with android 5.0 and above ios 10. And above and Bluetooth requirements are 4.0 and above. If you have an android you will have to have google play services as well basically what i’m trying to tell you is if you’re got any kind of phone right now other than a flip phone then you’ll be all right. So let’s start the full Meater Plus review.

Meater Plus Review

Meater Plus Review product

Okay, so what you’re looking at here is the unit itself it’s encased right here into this bamboo box. Which also doubles as a repeater that extends the Bluetooth range on the unit and also is your charging block. Now they do recommend that if you uh walk away and you have your phone with you to carry this bamboo box with you. It’s going to make sure that you don’t lose a signal so flipping over here before we take it out of the box. You can see that this is it’s got two magnets on either side here so it allows you to actually put it on your grill.

Doesn’t really work good on a weber kettle or a weber smoky mountain because of the roundness on there it won’t stay on there. But if you had something like a weber genesis or something it would work on there. So you just take this off it’s pretty easy to pack on it’s because it also has magnets on this as well. It’s got a triple a battery in there and now the battery life on this they claim that you can get at least 200 charges off of this battery. And once it’s fully charged the unit will stay charged for up to 24 hours.


So bluetooth range on the meter plus is anywhere from 30 feet all the way to 165 feet. I can tell you right now that the 165 feet is probably being a little conservative. Because when i was doing a cook i was able to walk well over 165 feet probably more like 200 feet before i lost signal. Right now what there’s a little button right here on here and if you press that little button you’ll see it has a green light. That tells me right there that the meter is charged up.

Now it does take probably about four to six hours to charge this completely after it’s been ran completely dead to take it out all. You do is just pick it up right here and as soon as you do you’ll see that this light will come on. And it’s blinking so that tells me right there that the meter is ready all we need to do is cut on the app all right.

Details Of main Meater Plus Thermometer

Details Of main Meater Plus Thermometer

So here’s your little close-up here this is 5.1 inches in length with a 0.2 inch diameter. It’s made of stainless steel and the black in here is made of ceramic. This area right here this tip right here is going to be the ambient temperature. So this thing is not only able to measure the ambient temperature but also the temperature of whatever it is you’re cooking. Now one thing you need to keep in mind on this is this tip right here most thermometers measure.

The temperature by the very tip this the gauge is actually set further back about two millimeters back about right in here. So keep that in mind when you’re tipping and now if you look over here you’ll see let me see if i can get you in here. But there’s a line on here between my right in this area right here there’s a line. When you insert this into whatever it is you’re cooking you want to make sure that you’ve inserted it past that line right there. Because what that does is it protects all the the wiring and everything that’s inside this area.

Some important Point:

So the internal temperature is good to temp things up to 212 degrees fahrenheit or 100 degrees. Celsius that may or may not be some what of a drawback like such as brisket. I mean you know the brisket is 200 a little over 200 when usually when a brisket is ready. But as we all know sometimes you never know so keep that in mind try not to take this over 212 degrees.

If you’re cooking something so the ambient temp measurement is good to measuring things up to 527 degrees fahrenheit or 275 degrees. Celsius possibly could be a problem for you if you were doing something such as a reverse sear i don’t know i haven’t tried doing. Leaving it in there doing a reverse sear so i’m not really sure about that i’ve only had this about a month. Now and i’ve done about a half a dozen cooks it’s worked out perfectly so far but we’re going to do another cook right.

how this Meater Plus performs

how this Meater Plus performs

Now i’m going to show you this sexy looking app that comes along with it and by the way the app is free for download. I got a beautiful tri-tip in there and this is going to be the perfect cook to show you guys how this Meater Plus performs the Meater Plus review all right. We got a tri-tip here go ahead and insert it, So now that we’ve inserted our probe into our tri-tip there let’s go ahead down here. Here’s the meter app we’re going to cut that on and then what you do is you click that button. Right there which is how you set up this cook and you can see our internal temperature there is reading 52 degrees. And being tempered there temperature there is 76. So what we’re going to do now is hit this button here that says set up cook. We’re going to go to beef as you can see there’s quite a few options there pork poultry lamb fish other.

So we went to beef then we went over to here there’s steak settings here sirloin ribeye we’re going to go over here to the roast setting and down here is a tri-tip. Now we’re going to be i’m going to be doing a reverse sear on this so normally what i do is i pull my stakes and tri tips or whatever at about 1 18. But this is gonna notify us five minutes before and probably tell us to pull it. So instead of setting it to you know 118 I’m gonna go ahead and set it for five minutes later.

So 123 and as you can see down here there’s a rare and medium-rare. If you wanted to set rare it’s got recommended anywhere from 120 to 129 medium rare which is what we’re going to be going to they’re recommending between 130. And 139 okay but we’re gonna set it here to again 123 and then up here to the right it’ll say start cook. You just click that and we’ll put on our tri-tip now. And it will give us should give us an estimated cook time once this gets going you can also set alerts on here. If your ambient temperature falls below or above a certain amount a certain temp or your internal temperature falls below or above a certain you set it yourself. It’s really easy you just click on one of these set it to what you want and then hit the add button.


Meater Plus review conclusion

See how we did all right medium rare it is baby. All right guys i hope you guys enjoyed this Meater Plus review and found it informative. If you have any questions drop them below if i don’t know the answers to it i’ll certainly try to find it out. I’m also going to leave a VIEW ON AMAZON button where you can check out one of these Meater Plus Thermometer.

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