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MEATER thermometer

Here I got one of these recently it’s a Meater thermometer I want to share my unboxing with you I wanted to share my first couple of cooks with you and give you a Meater Plus Thermometer review. Ok thermometers not everyone can eye meat especially with the long cook it can be very deceptive I don’t care what you say or what you think when people insist like oh I can just tell whether when I steak’s perfect medium-rare by touching it. I’ve even seen episodes of Hell’s Kitchen where Ramsay is like sends something out, you know he’s expediting and it comes back. Your eye isn’t good enough you need a thermometer you need one. You always need a Meater thermometer.

unboxing of the Meater thermometer

MEATER thermometer unboxing

So here’s my unboxing of the Meater thermometer. As you can see the packaging is pretty incredible it is like an apple product how well they put this all together. The wood is really nice the build quality everything looks fantastic so when you’re paying a lot of money for something it does help when it’s been well packaged. The little things they thought of like the back here that’s magnetic that just pops on, so you don’t have to screw around. The magnet on the back is very powerful so that’ll just snap to a fridge no problem. Those are very cool things. Setting up and pairing it was really easy it found my phone immediately and then it did a software update and I was good to go.

MEATER thermometer Joetisserie

If you have a Kamado Joe the best thing you can get is a Joetisserie, it is so much fun and the results are fantastic. The thing is about the Joetisserie is you can’t put a thermometer in it when you have a spinning piece of meat going around you you can’t have these. These are great I’ve had these for years this company’s excellent when a probe is died they’ve sent me a new one without even questioning it so it’s a wireless thermometer but it’s not because this stick in.

Fine if you have a, you know a piece of prime rib on the grill or turkey in the oven great, but when you got something spinning – no not gonna happen. What you have to do to check the temperature is then used your instant-read and again these are fantastic the problem is when you open that dome you get a rush of heat you have to stop Joetisserie find the spot to insert the probe and it’s like ah you know you could just see it getting hotter and hotter and its very difficult to bring that temp down and because it’s not spinning it’s just gonna get unevenly cooked so that’s not a good way to do it but it was my only way.

first cook with the Meater thermometer

So for my first cook with the Meater + I got out the Joetisserie and I did a chicken just a nice simple four and a half pound roast chicken and I rubbed itin olive oil and then a basic dry rub and this is the rub that Aaron Franklin uses on its ribs and I like to use it on chicken if you’re not doing it already always use a shaker when applying dry rub it makes life so much simpler. Get it on your Joetisserie, always measure first know where that chickens gonna go is nothing worse than locking in your Joetisserie and then getting it on there and being like oh half my chickens off the coals so always get it centered first. Insert the probe as directed.

And what I like to do is when I want to to start spinning any extra dry rub I have just give a little shake that birds already turning, it’s dancing for you just get it on there, it’s golden, it’s gorgeous and that was it. I started to cook I was tracking it on the app like I love using the Joetisserie but this was the first time where I just really didn’t have to worry about the mystery of it I could see what was going on on my phone and I like deliberately went for a dog walk just so I could be on the house and uh and track it was really cool. Damn. Like how gorgeous does that look? That is a beautiful chicken worry-free perfectly cooked. Thank You Meater +. Thank you Joetisserie. Thank you, Kamado Joe, Wow, That is a sexy bird.

second cook with the Meater thermometer

second cook with the Meater thermometer

For the second cook with my Meater + I went a totally different direction because I got my hands on some locally fished fresh halibut. Wow, halibut is just boss-level amazing it doesn’t need anything but a little bit of salt and pepper maybe a squeeze of lemon that’s it it’s so gorgeous. And yeah I inserted my probe set it to fish and I am perfectly cooked halibut.

final cook with the Meater thermometer

For my final cook with Meater + Idid a prime rib a three-pound gorgeous piece of meat liberally seasoned and inserted my Meater plus and walked away I came back and flipped it when it was atthe halfway mark and this took care of everything what was really interesting as well is that when I pulled it off the grill it detected the drop in ambient temperature and switched it over to resting it knows the ambience sensor for temperature on the Meater is very handy and it also gave me a good indication ofhow accurate the dial is on my Kamado Joe.

And it was surprisingly very close so that’s pretty cool but before I was done resting I crank the heat up on my Joe and wanted to do a really cool reverse sear and there’s thermometer handled that heat with ease I was recommended to try the Meater +by a barbecue friend of mine he goes by the name only slagging and here’s a link to his YouTube channel he’s one of my favorite barbecue guys in the world and you have to check out his Instagram link and his Twitter link because he turned me on to this device so, Sláinte!

MEATER thermometer: Worth it?

Like on my first go with it I did wonder if they happen like oh I wish it did this I wish it did this and I realized oh yeah it does both those things. I just didn’t know how to do it you know you can tap it and I’ll show you the elapsed time if you don’t want specific meat you can adjust it to a to like one of your random cooks. I don’t know if you’re a hunter or you just buy weird shit as you can specifically do whatever you want it doesn’t matter. It just has those presets because not everyone is a backyard BBQ pitmaster.

Okay some people need that little bit of guidance to give them the confidence and that’s good that’s fine. They made it really easy. It calculates the ambient temp and the internal temp to give a pretty darn accurate estimate of when your cook is gonna be done and that’s pretty cool.

Another great thing I really like about it is the range is okay. So you get quite abit of range but then the wood block is the repeater and it boosts it and its also connected to the cloud. if you have another iPad or a phone that acts as the relay device so now you can do a brisket or pork shoulder whatever you want. Something low and slow but you can leave the house and you can look at it and the app is nice it doesn’t look clunky it’s very slick even the alarm chime is pleasing my only hesitation with the MEATER thermometer is that a its expensive but you do get what you pay for.

You get a small device I have a kid you know my kid once took my wallet and just put it under a plant pot. I canceled all my cards this is a sturdy thing but you still you’re still aware okay this is a couple of hundred bucks. And it’s got this line on it and it has to be inserted past that line like there are. So many fucking warnings but you have to put it past this line or you will break it.


And that makes me nervous so I’m overcompensating and putting it past further not everyone can I meet especially with the long cook. It can be very deceptive and as we know a wireless MEATER thermometer like my Thermopro still has wires. So you’re hobbled there honestly these are all useful tools for a cook to have and I’m not gonna stop using any of them. Because I have the Meater plus thermometer an instant-read is something you got to have in your arsenal.

But hands down this is gonna be my go-to and I’m just really excited about it I’m happy with the build quality, I’m happy with results, I’m happy with the app. If you were hesitant about getting one I really hope that this article has gotten any of your reservations out of the way. This is the best friend for your Joetisserieor your rotisserie on your grill or just meat in general. Because it does give you the freedom and confidence to walk away do whatever else. I think the Meater thermometer is a game-changer. Thanks for reading please rate comments and share this.

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