10 Small Living Room Makeover Ideas

10. Slim silhouettes

In a small space, slim silhouettes are always a safe bet – chunky furniture can interrupt your line of vision, and obstruct the depth or width of a room, making it feel smaller. Glass coffee tables with slim legs double the effect, as do low sofas that show off more of the height of a room.

9. Opt for light colours

Smaller living rooms are best decorated with light, pastel colours. From dusty pinks to chalky greys, a soft colour palette will ensure your room feels spacious. We love this creative combination of pink and lilac.

8. Utilise every corner

In a small living room every inch of space should be cleverly utilised. We love this idea of turning alcove shelving into a simple and clutter-free work from home area. For narrow alcoves, you may want to consider a desk that sits flush with – or protrudes slightly over – your alcove so you're not knocking your elbows on adjacent walls whilst typing.

7. Furniture with storage

Multi-functional furniture is a gift in small spaces. Storage ottomans that double up as extra seating are ideal, especially those set on springs or hinges for easier access to the bits and pieces underneath.

6. Consider footprints

When space is of a premium, you have to be careful with the footprint of your furniture. Choosing pieces that are slightly smaller than standard – like this compact accent chair and super slim floor lamp – is key to adding everything you need for a comfortable living room without sacrificing too much floorspace.

5. Embrace maximalism

One for the maximalists. Just because you have a small space doesn't mean you have to decorate modestly. If bold print and lots of pattern brings you joy, just work it in cleverly – this living room still has space to manoeuvre, but brings colour and pattern in every single piece.

4. Multi-use furniture

This small living room has a few carefully selected pieces to maximise space. An upholstered footstool doubles as a coffee table – and the tray keeps accessories contained – whilst the console table has a drawer for storage. An unused fireplace is always a good spot to display books, too.

3. Think carefully about flooring

'The flooring plays a key role in setting the tone in every space, but particularly smaller rooms, so choosing the right style is a must,' says Sarah Escott, Design Manager at Amtico. 'When decorating a small living room, it's important to focus on simplicity, as the space can get cluttered very easily. Light woods and stones are perfect to give the lounge an open and airy feel and draw in the natural sunlight from outside.'

2. Modular sofas

A modular sofa with a chaise is a great option for adding a bit of extra comfort in narrow living rooms where the width of your sofa is restricted. Swyft Home is a great brand if you need something customisable – this Model 03 goes from two seats to 10, in a left or right corner shape, with or without an ottoman.

1. Add a mirror

Mirrors are a classic design trick for making a small room feel bigger. They are great for bouncing light around a small room, and a wall-mounted option doesn't take up space. Consider placing two mirrors on opposite walls to magnify the effect. Mirrored surfaces on your coffee tables or sideboards have similar impact.