Is Chick-fil-A open Labor Day? [Updated September 2022

We have all been there: an insatiable craving for a chicken sandwich. Not just any chicken sandwich, cause Church’s or Slim Chicken’s could fill that need. No, specifically you need a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, with waffle fries and the Chick-Fil-A sauce to dip it all in. Throw in a large lemonade with soft ice, and that’s a meal fit for royalty. However, that meal is not available every day. Most notably, that meal is not available on Sundays, which is typically the day that you want it the most. There are also several holidays throughout the year the chain closes to give their employees the chance to spend time resting and with family.

Thankfully for those of us craving a chicken sandwich or needing a meal to help end a night of drinks and sun with friends, most Chick-Fil-A locations are expected to remain open on Labor Day. This could vary from location to location, with each Chick-Fil-A location being individually run and operated, however, most locations have confirmed their intentions to remain open.

Several locations have confirmed that they will have adjusted hours in observance of Labor Day. Most locations have confirmed that they will open later at 10:30 AM  and close earlier at 6 PM. However, to get exact times make sure to call or check in with your local CFA location. This means that many breakfast goers will have to find a new location for their coffee and chicken biscuit. Their closing time will also throw a major wrench into many planning on grabbing a chicken sandwich to close out their long weekend.