Thursday Night Football Streaming: Amazon Prime Video, Twitch and NFL Plus

By Atozshome

In past years, Thursday Night Football games were shown on Prime Video but were also available on Fox or NFL Network. This year, starting in Week 2, the games on Thursday nights will be available nationally on Amazon's platforms like Prime Video, giving NFL fans more incentive than free two-day shipping to sign up for an Amazon Prime account for $15 a month or $139 a year. You can also subscribe only to Prime Video for $9 a month.

While Amazon is adding a host of additional features for its Prime Video subscribers (including Alexa and X-Ray integration and alternative broadcasts), you don't need Amazon Prime or Prime Video subscription to watch the game.


Fans in the local market of each team playing on Thursday night will be able to watch on an over-the-air (OTA) station, while those who don't pay for either of Amazon's services can watch for free on Prime Video's Twitch channel (Twitch is also owned by Amazon).

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If you subscribe to NFL Plus, the league's $5 per month streaming service, you can also stream the game without subscribing to Prime or Prime Video.

Note that NFL Plus viewing is limited to watching on just a phone or tablet, not on a computer or TV.

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